Product Liability

What is product liability?

If you are injured by any type of defective consumer product, from a car with faulty brakes to electrical goods with dodgy wiring, you may be entitled to claim compensation from the producer. This area of law is known as “product liability”  and is governed by the Consumer Protection Act. The law applies whether or not you purchased the defective product yourself, and you can sue the manufacturer for compensation without having to prove that they were negligent. Furthermore, products which cause injuries in the workplace are also covered by product liability law, so it can include sales of products between businesses.

Common types of defective products which lead to injuries

A vast range of manufactured goods surround us everyday, so the possibility of being injured by a faulty product is actually higher than you may think. Defective electrical appliances form the majority of product liability claims but other common culprits include:

●    cars
●    medical equipment and products
●    pharmaceuticals
●    kitchen appliances and equipment
●    toys
●    furniture
●    cosmetics

Making a product liability compensation claim

If you have been injured as a result of a faulty product, you may be able to claim compensation for pain and suffering, loss of earnings, medical costs and other expenses. In general, there is a three year time limit from the date of injury in which to make a claim, and claims cannot be made more than ten years after a product was put into circulation.

The personal injury team at CH Legal can provide comprehensive legal advice on any aspects of your product liability claim and advise you on how much compensation you can expect to receive. Our expert lawyers have significant experience of securing compensation for individuals who have been injured by all types of goods and equipment so it’s worth talking to a member of our team to find out how we can help you. To get in touch with us today, contact Thomas Phillips or phone 0845 4786 354.