Gas safety in rented accommodation

If you rent a property with gas central heating, a gas cooker or any other gas appliances, your landlord is legally obliged to have these appliances safety checked at least once every year by a Gas Safe registered engineer. They must keep a record of safety checks for two years and provide copies to tenants within 28 days of these checks being completed.

Landlords are legally obliged to repair and maintain gas pipework, flues and appliances, ensuring they are in a safe condition for their tenants. The primary danger of inadequate maintenance of gas appliances is carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide (or “CO”) is a gas which cannot be seen or smelled but is poisonous to the human body, preventing blood from bringing oxygen to cells, tissues, and organs. The milder symptoms of carbon monoxide include:

●    headaches
●    nausea and vomiting
●    dizziness
●    tiredness and confusion
●    stomach pain
●    shortness of breath and difficulty breathing

Serious levels of CO can result in loss of consciousness and death. So it’s vital that gas appliances are strictly maintained.

Does my landlord have to fix electrical problems?

Unlike with gas, landlords are not legally required to carry out regular checks on electrical systems or appliances. However, they are nevertheless responsible for the safety of the electrical system in your accommodation (eg. plug sockets and light fittings) as well as for the safety of any electrical appliances which are supplied as part of the property. If you get an electric shock from a dangerous socket, light fitting or landlord-supplied appliance, you may be eligible for compensation.

Claiming compensation for gas and electricity problems

All landlords have a duty to ensure the safety of their tenants, whether the property is being let privately, by the council or social housing sector. The housing disrepair team at CH Legal can help to explain your legal rights regarding any gas or electrical problems in your rented property. If you have suffered carbon monoxide poisoning, an electric shock, or any other injuries to your health as a result of faulty gas or electric fittings and appliances, our personal injury lawyers can help assess your potential compensation levels and pursue a claim on your behalf. To find out more, submit the form below or phone 0845 4786 354.