Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation advice tailored to your business

As any entrepreneur will know, running a business is never plain sailing. However, when business disputes do arise, they are often unexpected and can be a serious drain on resources. Commercial disputes may involve a business and its customers or suppliers, or it could relate to a third party such as a competitor which has infringed your intellectual property rights. Whatever the circumstances, it’s vital that you have experienced legal professionals on your side to help protect your business interests. The commercial litigation team at CH Legal can provide you with the advice and support you need when you are faced with the prospect of a business related dispute, helping you avoid the legal pitfalls.

Helping you solve a variety of disputes

Our commercial litigation lawyers have a wealth of experience in advising a wide range of clients on all kinds of matters including:

●    Contract disputes with suppliers and customers
●    Directors and shareholder disputes
●    Professional negligence issues
●    Late payment, debt recovery and insolvency
●    Employment law disputes
●    Partnership disputes
●    Breach of franchise agreements
●    Intellectual property disputes

Prevention is better than cure

Our commercial litigation team operates with the understanding that litigation should normally be an option of last resort. We know that the litigation process can be lengthy, stressful, and is usually an unwelcome distraction for most businesses. As such, we adopt a pro-active approach to identify our clients’ underlying commercial objectives and aim to resolve disputes outside of the courtroom whenever possible.

We pride ourselves on being clear and concise and avoiding unnecessary jargon, so that we are able to help our clients quickly get to the crux of the matter. Our rates are competitive and we are completely transparent about costs. Sometimes we can work within an agreed budget, for fixed fees, or pursuant to conditional or damages based agreement. We have also teamed up with a leading After the Event insurance provider to cover “adverse costs” in suitable cases. To find out more click here or get in touch with Rukhsana Arif or call 0845 4786 354.