World Mental Health Day 10/10/15

This year’s theme for World Mental Health day is Dignity in Mental Health.
Unmanaged and misunderstood mental health issues within the workplace can exacerbate conditions and lead to higher rates of absenteeism and productivity.

Whether a condition is pre-existing, brought on as a direct result of the workplace or brought out due to outside issues which are affecting the workplace, having an understanding of the importance of mental wellbeing in the workplace is invaluable.

Being aware of the common causes of mental ill health, how mental health impacts an employee’s working life and how to identify and respond to early signs of mental ill health can assist you in developing strategies to promote mental wellbeing within the workplace.

You should always have open lines of communication within your business and promote equality, fairness and participation for all employees.

Policies should be in place to cover employment rights and working conditions to be expected by staff and these should be enforced so that all situations are dealt with fairly and consistently.

Simple, return to work interviews after periods of absence can be put in place to discuss any reasons for absence which may highlight a need for work adjustments or provide early indicators that your employee may be suffering from mental ill health.

With open lines of communication staff should feel comfortable enough to discuss any health issues but there can be a stigma with mental health issues and this needs to be addressed within the workplace.

CH Legal are able to assist with preparing policies or providing manager/employee training so that staffs health and wellbeing is monitored and managed to promote good health for employees and a productivity workforce for employers.