What To Do After You Have Had A Road Traffic Accident?

The Department for Transport reported that 162,490 people were injured in motor traffic accidents from April 2014 to March 2015 in the United Kingdom. That’s a lot of accidents!

After getting over the initial shock and ensuring everyone is okay, there are some points to remember to assist with bringing or defending a claim (whether or not there is an injury):

  • make a note of the vehicle details – make, model, registration number, colour, condition, estimated speed, direction, use of lights/indicators, number of passengers
  • make a note of the people involved – contact details, description/distinguishing features of driver(s), contact details of passengers
  • make a note of the scene  – date, time, location, weather conditions, traffic conditions, road markings/signs/signals
  • make a note of the damage – to all vehicles involved and any obvious injuries
  • make a note of any witnesses – obtain their contact details
  • in the event of a serious injury, non co-operation by a party or if traffic flow becomes seriously disrupted, call the police
  • take photographs
  • report your accident to your insurers

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