Six Hour Working Day

So businesses in Sweden have decided to trial a six hour working day. Whilst many of us may, at first glance at the stories, feel that there is no way this could be implemented successfully in a UK business, maybe it is time to think again.

Would you be shocked to learn that since 30 June 2014 every employee has had the statutory right to request flexible working after 26 weeks employment service? Could you be inundated with requests for a ‘Swedish’ style working pattern and would you know how to deal with such a request.

Do you already have a firm policy that employees are aware of so they know how to make a request and how it will be dealt with?

Do you measure the productivity of your staff? Or do you simply look at the hours worked. Whilst you may think it commendable that you may have a member or members of staff working 48 hours or more per week (obviously having opted out of the Working Time Regulations or you have a whole other can of worms there) is it really enhancing their productivity or are they actually spending time on tasks within their working day that add little or no value to your business.

Obviously it is not realistic that businesses could adjust to a blanket style of 6 hour working days in the UK and the effect it would have on many businesses would make it unworkable but when stories like this crop it, it does get you thinking about ‘What if?’

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