Helping employees suffering from industrial disease

The industrial disease affects a whole range of employees from a wide variety of professions. Although employment laws have been tightened up over the last few decades, to protect workers from the myriad occupational health hazards, many individuals have been coming forward in recent years to claim compensation for health conditions – such as asbestosis – which only make themselves evident many years after exposure. Furthermore, even with the regulations in place, some employees continue to be particularly susceptible to industrial disease.

The industrial disease team at CH Legal has many years’ experience helping employees to pursue claims which have been caused by unsafe working environments.

Comprehensive industrial disease legal advice

Industrial disease is a complex legal area which involves a thorough knowledge of both employment and personal injury law, as well as an understanding of the wide range of occupational medical conditions. Some of the areas in which we specialise include:

●    asbestosis and lung disease

●    vibration white finger (VWF)

●    noise induced hearing loss

●    work-related upper limb disorders (WRULD) including RSI

●    industrial dermatitis

If you have been affected by any of these conditions due to your working environment – or have suffered any other occupational health problems – our specially trained lawyers can provide reassurance and professional legal guidance.

Industrial disease claims lawyers

Our highly skilled industrial disease lawyers can help employees who may be entitled to compensation as a result of dangerous working environments. Remember that, in general, you have three years since first being aware that you have suffered an injury at work to start a claim – this can be particularly useful in the case of asbestosis which can take many years or even decades to develop following the initial exposure. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member the team today Julie Smith.