Personal injury and housing disrepair

As a tenant, you have the right to feel safe in your home and your landlord is under a legal duty to ensure your rented accommodation does not pose a danger to your health or expose you to risk of injury. If a property is not properly maintained, or disrepair is not addressed, and this leads to personal injury, you may be able to claim compensation. For example, if you are knocked on the head by a falling roof tile, or fall down the staircase due to a faulty bannister, your landlord may be deemed responsible for any ensuing injuries and obliged to pay for medical expenses and other compensation. Some of the types of housing disrepair issues which can lead to personal injury include:

●    failure to ensure upkeep of the exterior property (eg. loose roofing tiles)
●    failure to maintain structural integrity of accommodation (eg. cracks in the wall which lead to collapse, or a floor which gives way)
●    damaged staircases or loose bannisters which lead to a fall
●    damaged carpets or flooring which causes slips and trips
●    frayed sash window cords which result in a window falling and injuring tenants
●    electrical shocks from faulty wiring
●    loose light fittings which fall from a height
●    collapsing plasterwork

As well as causing personal injury, poorly maintained rented properties can also lead to ongoing health problems (which are dealt with this page).

Claiming compensation for personal injury in a rented home

Private tenants, as well as those living in social or council housing, may be able to claim compensation for any injuries sustained as a result a property not being properly maintained. The housing disrepair team at CH Legal has substantial experience of pursuing cases for a wide range of tenants who have been injured as a result of negligent landlords. We can help you understand your rights and assess your likely level of compensation before proceeding with a claim. To find out how we can help you with your personal injury resulting from housing disrepair, submit the form below or phone 0845 4786 354.