Dealing effectively with disciplinary and grievance matters

If an employer is unhappy with the behaviour or performance of an employee this is known as a disciplinary issue. Conversely, if an employee has an issue regarding their treatment – either by management or colleagues and fellow staff members – this will constitute a grievance. Whether you are dealing with a disciplinary or grievance matter, it’s vital that your business has fair and consistent ways of tackling the problem and written procedures are recommended to ensure that everyone knows their rights and obligations.

Benefits of implementing disciplinary and grievance procedures

Providing a disciplinary procedure to your management team and staff members will help to explain the standard process to all those involved. It demonstrates a commitment to a fair and transparent way of dealing with disciplinary issues and should outline how poor behaviour or performance might lead to disciplinary action, providing employees with examples of unsatisfactory behaviour and gross misconduct. It should also cover elements of the process such as investigations, hearings and companions.

Meanwhile, implementing a grievance procedure assists the management team with handling grievances raised by employees fairly and consistently, and sets out the steps which an employee should take to raise a grievance. A properly drafted grievance procedure should explain the process and also give examples of the types of grievances that can be raised by employees. Having both a written grievance and disciplinary procedure in place in your organisation will assist in compliance with the Acas Code of Practice.

Helping you draft disciplinary and grievance procedures

The employment law team at CH Legal  can advise you on the best way to deal with any disciplinary or grievance matters and help you to draft tailored written procedures or review your current ones to ensure they are up-to-date and in line with the latest regulations. To find out how we can help, get in touch with Caroline Tomlinson or call 0845 4786 354.