Unravelling the red tape of employment law

In order to expand, most business will need to take on employees and tackle the vast array of rules and regulations that are imposed upon employers. Complying with the constantly changing and expanding employment legislation can often be confusing and time consuming, particularly for start-ups or SMEs which lack the resource of a dedicated HR manager. Dealing with complex employment law matters can often reduce the time which entrepreneurs could otherwise spend on growing their business. But the expert employment law team at CH Legal can save your business time and money. We’ve already done all the legal research and our specialist lawyers stay up to the date with the latest changes, so we can give you tailored advice for all your employment law needs.

Getting the right measures in place

Prevention is always better than cure, and far less costly, which is why one of our primary employment law services is to ensure that you have the correct contracts, policies and HR procedures in place. This can be as simple as helping you prepare interview techniques which comply with the latest discrimination regulations, or more complicated such as assisting with a large-scale redundancy process. We can draft a comprehensive range of employment law policies to set out the rights and responsibilities of managers and employees and avoid disputes. These policies cover matters such as:

●    health and safety

●    disciplinary and grievance procedures

●    flexible working and “bring your own device” (BYOD)

●    maternity, paternity and parental leave

●    equal opportunities

●    data protection and use of IT

Employment tribunals and settlement agreements

If you are facing potential legal action from an employee or former employee, avoiding an escalation of any complaint to an employment tribunal is generally the preferred course of action. A settlement agreement will often be the ideal tool in preventing the expense and headache of defending a claim at tribunal, but you should make sure that it’s properly drafted. The employment lawyers at CH Legal  have substantial experience of preparing settlement agreements to stave off court action, but we can even go on to defend your business interests at an employment tribunal if necessary.  To find out more, get in touch with Caroline Tomlinson or call 0845 4786 354.