Constructive Dismissal

What is constructive dismissal?

If an employer commits a serious breach of contract, this may entitle an employee to resign in response, claiming they have been “constructively dismissed”. Such a claim should relate to a fundamental breach of an express contractual term or the implied term of trust and confidence in an employment relationship. Constructive dismissal can relate to one serious incident to a series of incidents. In general, the following conditions must be met for such a claim to be made:

●    the employer must have committed a serious breach (or series of breaches) of the employment contract
●    the employee must have resigned in response to the breach (or series of breaches) and not for another reason
●    the employee should have resigned shortly after the most recent alleged breach

A constructive dismissal claim will normally go hand in hand with wrongful dismissal or unfair dismissal – but this depends on the circumstances in each case.

What could lead to a constructive dismissal claim?

The following actions can result in an employee claiming constructive dismissal:

●    reduction in pay without prior agreement
●    a demotion without being given a reason
●    harassment or bullying of an employee
●    change in the nature of a job, unfair increase in workload or change of location of the workplace at short notice
●    allowing employees to work in dangerous conditions
●    applying an unreasonable disciplinary process
●    alleging poor performance without sufficient grounds

Avoiding constructive dismissal claims

There are various measures which can be put into place to avoid facing constructive dismissal action:

●    make sure you have a properly drafted grievance and disciplinary procedure and circulate this to all your members of staff and the management team
●    stay aware of any potential workplace issues and take action to resolve these as soon as possible
●    strictly follow the terms and conditions contained within all employment contracts

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