Helping people who have suffered health problems due to medical negligence

The clinical negligence team at CH Legal has years of experience helping patients to pursue compensation claims arising out of poor treatment or procedures in hospitals, GP practices and other medical environments. We understand that this can be a stressful time, particularly if pre-existing health problems have been exacerbated due to delays in diagnosis or surgical errors. Our expert lawyers can assess your particular situation and advise you on the best way forward in seeking compensation and getting you back on your feet.

Comprehensive clinical negligence legal advice 

Clinical negligence is a specialist area of legal practice which requires an understanding of clinical standards, personal injury and a certain degree of medical awareness. Some of the areas in which we specialise include:

If you have suffered health problems relating to any of the above or are dissatisfied with any medical treatment you have received, you should speak to a legal professional.

Clinical negligence claims lawyers

Our highly skilled clinical negligence lawyers can help patients who may be entitled to compensation as a result of poor medical treatment. Remember that, in general, you have three years since first being aware that you have suffered an injury or health problem due to the negligence of a doctor or other health professional. The clinical negligence team at CH Legal can advise you on your potential claim so don’t hesitate to contact us on the form below or phone 0845 4786 354.

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Clinical Negligence Claims – what you should know?

All right, so you suspect you might be a victim of a clinical negligence and you fit the profile of one of the conditions we have enumerated above or any other ailment that may result from a clinical negligence. But establishing you are eligible form compensation claim is one thing. The other is an actual process of gaining the compensation with a help of the skillful solicitor.

What are the general rules of clinical negligence compensation process?

First of all, if you really wish to have a chance in the upcoming review of your case, you need to consult an experienced solicitor (such us our experts at Chance Hunter) to consult your case and to know what you did, what you still need to do, what would boost your chances of winning the desired damages payment and what sum exactly should you file for when fighting for the rightful compensation.

If you are worried that you cannot afford a solicitor, we have good news for you – most lawyers working in this line of business work on a Conditional Fee Agreement, which is better known under the name No Win No Fee and it’s the basis of almost all clinical negligence cases. That means that the whole compensation process is risk-free, as the solicitor that works with you on the case shall receive only an agreed percent of your winning as a payment and does not require advance payments or additional fees aside from the sum you agreed on.

Even though the compensation claim does not cost you a penny, you might be discouraged by the necessity to appear in court to fight for your right. You may be pleasantly surprised, but most compensation cases end in settlements between the victim and the hospital and don’t even get to the courtroom. And even if your specific negligence case has to be reviewed by the judges, our expert solicitors are able to help you and guide you through the whole proceeding.