Migration to the UK post-Brexit for businesses and workers

The Migration Advisory Committee (‘MAC’) has published its final report in regards to the intended proposals for a new immigration system for both businesses and migrant workers after the UK has left the EU and after the implementation period.

The key proposals from the MAC report (in summary) are:

1.       It should be easier for higher-skilled workers to migrate to the UK than lower skilled workers.
2.       On the assumption that the UK immigration policy is not in agreement with EU law, there will be no preference for EU Citizens.
3.       To abolish the Tier 2 (General) cap.
4.       Tier 2 (General) should be open to all jobs at RQF level 3 and above (currently set at NQR Level 6). The shortage occupation list will also be reviewed.
5.       To maintain the minimum salary threshold of £30,000 for all Tier 2 migrants.
6.       To retain the Immigration Skills Charge for businesses (this will be reviewed).
7.       Consideration to abolish the Resident Labour Test (‘RLT’) as part of the skilled migrant worker recruitment process.
8.       To review the sponsor licence system for small to medium sized businesses.
9.       To consult more with users of the visa system to ensure it runs smoothly.
10.     To avoid Sector Based Scheme for lower skilled workers (apart from the potential exception of Seasonal Agricultural Workers scheme).
11.      If the Seasons Agricultural Workers (‘SAW’) Scheme is re-introduced, to set an agricultural minimum wage for SAW.
12.     Extend the Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme to fill low skilled-roles.
13.     Monitor and evaluate the impact of migration policies.
14.     To pay more attention in managing the consequences of migration at local level.

The MAC report can be seen as guidance to the government in implementing a new immigration system, but there is no obligation for the government to follow the recommendations.

If your business requires further information in relation to the compliance procedures in obtaining a sponsorship licence or advice in the recruitment of skilled migrant workers, please feel free to contact our Immigration expert, Mohammed Hafejee, on 0161 7459170.