A Landlord not keeping up with his obligations to keep their property in an acceptable state of repair isn’t uncommon. However, as can be seen by the recent case involving Sandwell Council, action can be taken to compel the Landlord to carry out any necessary repairs.  In this case, Sandwell Council took action against the Landlord at Wolverhampton Crown Court following his failure to comply with an improvement notice served by them. Wolverhampton Crown Court ordered that the Landlord pay a bill in excess of £6,000.

The property in question suffered from severe disrepair including issues with the boiler, water damage and damp to the kitchen and lounge from the bathroom.  Despite the on-going complaints which were investigated by Sandwell Council, the Landlord failed in his responsibility to ensure that the property remained in a habitable state.

The Landlord in question did not negotiate with the Tenant or council officers to resolve the issues. This led Sandwell Council to serve an Improvement Notice on the Landlord in an attempt to ensure the repairs were carried out. The Improvement Notice was ignored and formal action against the Landlord became necessary.

Unfortunately, in cases such as this, it is the tenants who suffer from unsuitable living conditions. In majority cases, this is also coupled with health problems which are either caused or exacerbated by the disrepair.

CH Legal have dealt with a high volume of cases where landlords have not responded to reports of disrepair made by their tenants.  Mould, damp and leakages are amongst the most common issues complained of.

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