Kane, 18 years of age, Manchester, £7,500.00

CH Legal successfully obtained compensation in the sum of £7,500.00 for Kane after he suffered an injury due to being hit by a car when he was 16 years of age. The injury caused Kane pain and distress, and limited his work and social activities for a considerable period of time before making a full recovery.

Kane was hospitalised that day and remained in hospital overnight. Kane had to undergo multiple X-rays of his body, as it was classed as a major accident involving a vehicle and pedestrian. Kane had fractured his tibia and fibula. He required an operation where a rod was inserted into his bones. Kane was left with a limp for 6 months but luckily made a full recovery within a year.

The representatives of the driver initially made an offer of compensation in the sum of £5,000.00. CH Legal managed to negotiate an increase to £7,500.00.


Mr Gormley, 42 years of age, from Manchester, £1,300.00

Mr Gormley was a passenger in a vehicle which was involved in an accident where his driver was at fault. Despite the injuries being fairly minimal there was still an acute period of suffering which caused Damian a lot of stress and inconvenience. Mr Gormley suffered injuries which lasted for a two month period.

CH Legal were instructed and obtained compensation for Mr Gormley in the sum of £1,300.00 within four months of being instructed.


Samuel, Manchester, £7500.00

In January 2015, Mr Lake was walking outside a major supermarket when he was knocked over by a car. He was taken to Hospital by ambulance and was diagnosed with a fractured vertebra. Mr Lake remained in hospital for some time and made a gradual recovery. CH Legal were instructed and brought a claim against the driver. The claim was initially denied, however, CCTV showed the driver was using his mobile phone at the time of the accident. Police charges were also brought. The claim settled within four months and Mr Lake received £7500.00 in compensation.


Tomasz, Watford, £12,000

Tomasz was involved in a road traffic accident and was unfortunate enough to be injured as a result. The third party insurance company immediately alleged fraud but provided no evidence or reasoning behind their very serious allegations. CH Legal were successful in settling Tomasz’s case before trial and obtained £12,000 in compensation for him to cover his personal injury, out of pocket expenses, vehicle damage and hire charges.


Ahmed, Manchester, £22,000

Ahmed was cycling home from university when he was hit by a car and knocked off his bike which resulted in a broken arm and fractured shoulder. Ahmed was unable to attend university for three months and was set back a year with his studies. Ahmed instructed CH Legal who were successfully able to secure an award of £22,000. The claim was settled within nine months of CH Legal being instructed.


Susan, Leeds, £12,500

Susan was involved in a multiple car collision on the motorway which resulted in her suffering a frozen shoulder, and whiplash to her neck. The case involved some dispute as to who had caused the accident given the number of vehicles involved. After CH Legal’s involvement, Susan was cleared of all responsibility and was awarded £12,500 in damages. She was also able to recover the cost of her out of pocket expenses and the use of a hire vehicle.


Jack, Hertfordshire, £2,500

Jack was a front seat passenger when the vehicle he was travelling in was involved in an accident with another vehicle. Jack suffered a whiplash injury to his neck and shoulder as a result and took nine months to recover. Despite ongoing issues between the two drivers and their insurance companies, CH Legal were able to negotiate settlement for Jack in the sum of £2,500 within six months.


Saeed, Middlesex, £24,000

Saeed was involved in a head on collision in Ealing with a vehicle which had failed to stop at a set of traffic lights. He suffered a broken leg and whiplash injury to his back. Saeed was unable to work for 6 months and required care and assistance at home to help with basic tasks like cooking and cleaning. CH Legal were instructed and negotiated a settlement for £24,000