Adrianne, Leeds secured £2750.00

Adrianne instructed CH Legal to bring a claim for housing disrepair against Leeds City Council in relation to the mould and damp that was affecting all of her property.

The damp and mould affected Adrianne’s entire house, including her living room, bedrooms and bathrooms. Leeds City Council failed to make the appropriate repairs to the property despite Adrianne’s repeated requests for them to do so.

CH Legal successfully brought a claim for housing disrepair on behalf of Adrianne. A claim was also made for the inconvenience and emotional stress of living in a property that was not up to acceptable standards. An expert Surveyor attended Adrianne’s property to assess the disrepair and was able to provide recommendations to the Council of the necessary. This assessment made up the basis of the claim and was sufficient evidnece that the house was in a state of disrepair.

As a result of CH Legal’s involvement, Adrianne secured £2750.00 in compensation along with the repairs necessary to return her property to a habitable state.

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