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It’s well known that employers in the UK are faced with a huge array of complex and constantly changing employment law regulations which they must navigate if they wish to avoid the prospect of an employment tribunal

Clinical Negligence

The clinical negligence team at CH Legal has many years’ experience helping patients to pursue claims which have been caused by poor treatments or procedures in hospitals and other medical environments.

Personal Injury

The personal injury team at CH Legal has substantial experience helping a wide range of individuals claim compensation for accidents which have been caused by the negligence of employers, public authorities and private companies.

Housing Disrepair

All tenants have the right to live in accommodation which is safe, and landlords are obliged to ensure that any housing disrepair issues which are potential health hazards or risk causing personal injury are addressed and resolved without undue delay.

Holiday Accidents & Illnesses

According to recent statistics, around 70% of Brits take at least one holiday in the UK and more than half take at least one holiday abroad. Although the purpose of most holidays is to relax and enjoy yourself, possibly whilst exploring new parts of the world, some people return home feeling more stressed than when they set off, often due to holiday illness.

Industrial Disease

Industrial disease affects a whole range of employees from a wide variety of professions. Although employment laws have been tightened up over the last few decades, to protect workers from the myriad occupational health hazards, many individuals have been coming forward in recent years to claim compensation for health conditions.

Property & Conveyancing

The property and conveyancing team at CH Legal has a proven track record of helping a wide range of both residential and commercial clients, from first time buyers through to landlords and investors with large-scale property portfolios.



When a company gets into financial difficulty, restructuring is sometimes necessary in order to agree a way forward with creditors and manage debt repayment. If this fails to have the desired effect, insolvency is often the next step.


A famous letter written in 1789 by Benjamin Franklin to Jean-Baptiste Leroy states that “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

Commercial Litigation

As any entrepreneur will know, running a business is never plain sailing. However, when business disputes do arise, they are often unexpected and can be a serious drain on resources.


The experienced business lawyers at CH Legal can offer comprehensive advice to all sizes of enterprise, from start-ups right through to established PLCs.

Employment & HR

Running a business is difficult enough without the added strain of ensuring you are compliant with the ever changing world of employment law.

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